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Update Version Info Programmatically

Mark Ickes wrote:
> To All,

> I am trying to update the file version information of a resultant DLL
> or .EXE.  The information I need to update is the same information you
> would see from Windows Explorer if you looked at the "Properties" of a
> [snip!]

This sounds like a Delphi question.  Despite the fact that the Delphi
documentation mentions comp.lang.pascal.borland as a source for help, this it
NOT a Delphi group, and Delphi-specific questions should be posted in the
groups meant for Delphi.  Please visit the appropriate
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.* groups.

> Thanks for any ideas,
> Mark Ickes
> Knosys Inc.


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Re:Update Version Info Programmatically

Even if it is in fact a Delphi question,
it is about the same problem I posted here
for several times, but never got a hint for
it: How to revise a linked resource in the
exe file at runtime,
... just for a quick reminder ...

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