Delphi 2 Client/server - Oracle 7.1 Workgroup Server Connectivity

in the bde configuration utility on the drivers page you will find a
section that says VENODR INIT (for the oracle driver). you must
place the name of the *.dll found in your ORANT or ORAWIN or ORAWIN95
\BIN directory. i haven't found the documentation on the correct
*.dll to use, but it almost always looks like: ORA*.DLL. as an example
our nt test bed with oracle 7.1 and sql*net 2.3 uses the ORA73.DLL;
our win95 test bed uses the ORA71.DLL. the path to the ORA*\BIN must
be in your path statement.

as implied you will need to use sql*net (using tns as the protocol).

im not sure if the 16bit version of sql*net is compatible with d2,
ive experienced errors and havent had the time to fully dissect the
problem i suspect the two are incompatible. i also know the 16 bit
version ive seen uses several *.dll's (ORA7WIN.DLL, ORA71WIN.DLL,
etc). i would be interested to know if you have successful results
getting both to work!
-stderr (you know what to do)

B.Ramani <> wrote in article

> I am having problems connecting Delphi 2 on Windows 95 to Oracle 7.1 on
>   Windows NT. Following is the configuration -
>      Server - Windows NT 4.0 running Oracle WorkGroup Server 7.1
>      Client - Windows 95 running Oracle 16 bit client that came with
> Oracle
>   Server 7.1 and Delphi 2 Client/Server version. I have tried both TCP/IP
>   and named pipes protocols. Always I am getting the error "Vendor
>   Initialization failed". I have been able to connect Delphi 2 with
>   7.1 with both running on Windows NT Server.
>   Can somebody help? Matter very urgent.
>   Thanks in advance
>   Ramani

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