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Not with late binding (olevariant/variant). Not sure why you still want to
do set_xxx when direct assignment will still internally call your set_xxx
method anyway.

have fun
Binh Ly
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Paul Cardwell <> wrote in message

> begin
>     case radioGroup.itemIndex of
>        0 : svr := createComObject(Class_mySvr1) as IMySvr1;
>        1 : svr := createComObject(Class_mySvr2) as IMySvr2;
>    end;
>    svr.set_docName('xxxx');    <---------returns error
>    svr.docName := 'xxxx'    <- -------works fine.
> end;

> Is there a way to get the set_ and get_ to work when declaring on the
> fly.   All my code is written with set_ and get_.

> Delphi5, win98, NT4

> ptc