We have a large application written using Delphi 3 and working fine with InterBase.
We have a client who has an existing MS-SQL installation and insists on using MS-SQL
instead of InterBase.  Can anyone offer any suggestions or web sites which give
information about converting a D3 app from talking to InterBase to talking to MS-SQL?

We have basically got it working, but are running into all sorts of problems,
multiple database connections, "record changed by another user" when updating data,
table name problems (worked out we have to put the database owner in front of the
table names), slow queries (think that has something to do with another post which
mentioned the BDE caching the first table because MS-SQL only permits one query
per connection??).

But these problems, and others, are on-going, and as it is a large application (> 500
forms, > 1000 tables), it is likely that other problems will manifest themselves in time.
If there is a checklist of changes which need to be done that would save a lot of
embarrassment for us later on.