Solving your 16->32-bit migration

Got a problem thunking????

We have the ability to write highly optimized Delphi 2.0 units which
directly load & call old Win 3.1 16-bit DLLs.

If you have a problem, where you need your 32-bit Delphi 2.0 app to call a
16-bit DLL, we will write an extremely efficient (read: 90% assembler code)
thunk layer for you.

This thunk layer may either be a Delphi 2.0 .PAS file which you can include
into your project, or a standard Win32 DLL. You choose!

This service is extremely fast, since it uses an in-house utility to
generate the thunk layer. This means a fast, bug free solution, at an
excellent price ( < 10% of cost for average developer to write a thunk).

If you're interested in this service, please contact Puppy Logic at
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