D4 & Oracle7 via ODBC crashes

Hey folks...

I'm cross-posting this to desktop and sqlservers because I'm not sure
which category it really belongs in. :-)

I'm attempting to access an Oracle 7 database using ODBC. I've created a
form and datamodule using the "Database Form" wizard, using a TQuery
component, and selecting my ODBC DSN, the proper table and fields, etc.
Delphi produces a DataModule and Form with some data-bound edit fields on
it, as expected.

When I run the program, I get the Oracle login box, give the correct
Oracle username and password, and immediately receive an "application
defined exception" dialog and a de{*word*81} window.

Here's the text of the error:

"Application-defined exception (code 0xc0000008) at 0x77f76408
8B 04 24 8B EF 5D C3 CC 55 8B EC FF"

I've tried this using two different Oracle ODBC drivers: Microsoft ODBC
for Oracle 2.573.292700, and Intersolv 3.01 32-bit for Oracle7. They both
crash; the only difference is the hex addresses in the error message.

I've applied all the currently-available Delphi 4 and BDE updates, to no
avail, and the error occurs with both Oracle 7.2 and Oracle 7.3.

These ODBC connections both work perfectly for accessing Oracle tables
via Microsoft Access 97.

I've called Inprise about this, and they refuse to be of any help. Does
anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Platform: Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP4
          Borland Delphi 4.02
          BDE 5.01
          Oracle 7.2, 7.3
          SQL*Net Client


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