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video capture card & jpg

And i need help for video capture cards.
I want to know how can i add jpgs on a file.I have a video capture card.When
i capture an image i must save it in jpg format.But the capture images are
some persons images.I use MSAccess table.When a person come i use my camera
and i capture his image.And i write him/her name on a MSAccess table.While i
scrolle on the table i want to see them images.For that resone i want use i
file that can i save my images in.But i don't know how can i do that.Please
help me.I realy whant to know how i can do that?I begin a new job and they
want it from me.If you can help me i will very glad.

And Thanks for all.
Hayriye Bayram or


Re:video capture card & jpg

Hayriye,  When I needed to store JPEG pictures into a table, I wrote
(thanks to all of the help that received here) a little test program to
store jpeg file in a Paradox BLOB field. You might find some hints in
this example on how to do it in MSAccess.  I have dropped it into the
attachments forum.  It is called "JPEG / BLOB example" and the zip is
"T_Jpeg_1".  Regards John H

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