Active forms and Code Signing.

I have created an active form that consists of a HTM file with an ActiveX
object embedded and the codebase pointing to my PWS.   I can open the page
on any desktop PC in our corporation but it won't download or run the
ActiveX.  Using IE3.02 an message appears saying that the source is not a
secure site and therefore will not download.  I think you can change the
security setting in IE3 to allow this to down load (not proved yet) but my
problem is that the IE install is a corporate install with all options
greyed out not allowing them to be changed.  My only option would appear to
be to make my PWS a secure site or possibly sign my OCX.  
Can any only help me with this one. I'm not sure what is going on..
Rob Reid BBC Belfast
Any views are my own and not that of the BBC. Honest!