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EReadError when adding a controls OnClick-event

I worked on a class project one month ago and everything was fine. When I
continued working on it a few days ago, I started getting EReadError
(invalid property contents [1]) when I ran the program, which seemed to
compile normally. I opened a new project, added a TButton on it, compiled
and ran it. Everything seemed normal, so I thought that my other project
had gone messed up somehow. But after adding {} in the XXX.Button1.OnClick
method, and clicking the button, I got an TClassNotFound error.

The same was repeated in my first project. Everything I had put there
earlier functioned as expected (buttons, listboxes etc). But every new
Button etc. I add to any project gives me the errors descibed above?

Is this a known problem? I'm using the free version of Delphi 1.0 under
windows 3.11 (I got Delphi it on a CD with a magazine some years ago). Or
is it just one of those "nuke your windows and re-install everything
again"-problems? I re-installed Delphi, but that did not solve the

([1] writing this from memory, sorry if it isn't 100% exactly the text
returned by the program)


   Tomas "Skitta" Lindroos, student at Abo Akademi University, Finland,
    Department of Computer Science   (


Re:EReadError when adding a controls OnClick-event

Actually, 100% of the errant text would be very helpful.  I also cannot vouch
for the integrity of Delphi 1.0, but I would guess that there is something
amiss within....

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