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ALT CTRL and Curser Keys in DDE?

This is driving me nuts, how do I send ALT, CTRL, Curser Keys and the
like in DDE? Is it any easier to ignor the DDE VCL stuff and use
POSTMESSAGE or a similar API call? Anyone got some source code?

Best wishes - Tim


Re:ALT CTRL and Curser Keys in DDE?

Why do you want to send key strokes by DDE???

If you are trying to activate a process in some other app by DDE then
the other app might well have a command you can call using a DDE
'Execute' command.

For advanced DDE control can I suggest that you take a look at our own
DDE component - 'Django'.

'Django' is a full implementation of all DDE functions delivered in a
single powerful but easy to deploy component. The product comes with
seven demo projects, a 110 page tutorial/reference doc in WORD format,
and extensive on line help.

You can download an evaluation version from our web site at...


    .... ICFM Software

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