SQL queries on DBase with NULL numeric values

I have to do summary operations on numeric fields in DBase tables.
Well, wouldn't you know that  dBase doesn't support DEFAULT values and
saves NULL into numeric fields if there is NO zero.

This gives SQL hell (I get Access Violations all over the place when I

SUM(ANumber) as NumTotal


and there is a null value in [ANumber]

Adding a UNION statement to compensate for this works for only small
field aggregates but there are time when I have 4 or 5 aggregates I
need to perform on numeric fields and the combinations become

So, my question is:

Is there a BDE setting I can use that will Treat dBase null numeric
values as 0?

If not, does anyone have ANY suggestions on how I can compensate for
this (other than changing database back ends...as that will come with
time but for now I have to live with this local table stuff...)

Bill Artemik
Programmer / Analyst
Droste Consultants, Inc.

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