Help: Local SQL international date format comparison - Delphi 1.02

I have found that the local sql is doing date comparison on american
format (mm/dd/yy) despite I have the settings for european format
(dd/mm/yy), both inside a TQuery component and on the DB Desktop

The BDE setting page is in the dd/mm/yy option and DB Desktop displays
tables dates on the right way (I mean, right way for us). I have not
found any place where I can change the setting for local sql.

Some questions arises:
* How local SQL compares dates ? Always on american format ?
* Is there any place where I can change this behavior?
* What would it happen if I change to another engine like interbase
(local or remote), informix or someone else ?

Thanks in advance to anybody who likes to give some information
Yours truly

Manuel Snchez Maulini
Barcelona - Catalonia - Spain