Drag/drop from dbGrid to Edit field

I'm having trouble getting drag and drop to work properly in
Delphi 3 Professional where the source is a DBGrid.

If I set the drag mode to automatic, the first record in the
dbGrid is always selected; I can't make another choice.

If I set the drag mode to manual and add a Start Drag command
to the onEnter event, it works OK if my list of values is
short enough that I don't need to scroll; however, if I have
a long list I want to scroll, it tries to fire the drag event
while I am scrolling, which can cause problems.

Starting the drag event from onColumnSelect was no solution
either; sometimes I will only have one record in the dbGrid,
and then it can't be selected.

Any ideas?
Rick Carter   carte...@email.uc.edu   rcar...@tso.cin.ix.net