Delphi 2.01 installation problems

>>In <4u8j67$>, (David Biggins) writes:
>>>I have a problem installing Delphi 2.0 on my NT 3.51 Workstation. I
>>>get the following error message:
>>>Severe: C:\WINNT35\system32\vcf132.ocx-51
>>>And the installation program just aborts. Does anyone know what's
>>I have had exactly the same problem. I called Borland, and their
>>suggestion is to get  Service Pack 4 from Microsoft before proceeding.
>>I have not received this yet so I cannot say whether it will work -
>>Borland did not sound too sure either.
>I had the same problem this past Sunday.  I was installing it on
>Windows NT v3.51.  No patches installed.  It was a fresh NT install,
>so I know it wasn't a strange interaction with other 3rd party software.
>Anyway, I was logged in as myself when I got the error.  I logged out and
>back in as Administrator and re-installed it without any problems.  I don't
>know if being the Admin is what helped, but its worth a try!  Let me know if
>it works for you.

I've got a similar problem, but I'm using win95!
I've talked to Borland - but they haven't any answers yet.
We've tried copying everything to the hard disk and doing the install in safe mode - same results!

Any suggestions?
Please also reply be email as my news server is not reliable.

TIA, Steve.
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