Obtaining User Login Information from Windows NT 4.0

mmetc...@ERASETHIStouchtechnology.com wrote:

> Need to know how to get Password/Userid from NT login into my Delphi
> 2.0 App.

You can get userid by calling GetUserName. AFAIK there are two ways to
get the password, both requires a *lot* of work.

1) Replace the NT security provider. Don't know much about it, but in
theory it should be possible.

2) Replace the login DLL (GINA). This is the DLL which shows the Press
CAD to login, controls locking/unlocking and a few more things. There is
a C example of doing this on some web page, but I can't recall where.

Both of these methods require that you set up some means of
communication in between your app and GINA/Security. I've written a GINA
a while ago, and I'll just say that unless you absolutely *must* have
the password, forget about it.



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