2D Vector graphics (+scale/scroll) in Win95

Hi all Delphi gurus --

I'm trying to implement a 2D vector 'canvas' in win95. It is simply a
workspace where i want to view lines, curves, points and filled polygons
given by their coordinates, and such that i can click and drag each of
these lines, curves and points so as to modify their position and shape
interactively (kind of like the drawn objects in photoshop or microsoft
word). Also, these vector objects must be capable of scrolling and scaling
reasonably fast so that, if say a large map is represented by these
vectors i can scroll it around without it being too ugly and flickery.

Can any Delphi master point out the best way i should be approaching this?
Do bear in mind that it have to look good and scroll fast... do i have to
mess with DirectX stuff to make it smooth? Any code or tools have already
been done to make my task easier?

Thanks a lot in advance!