COM Method calling from ASP page INFINITE LOOP!!!

I created a VC++ ATL COM object with the following attributes:
 - Threading model: Apartment
 - ISupportsErrorInfo
 - OnStartPage(),OnEndPage() w/ASP system objects as member vars (e.g.
CComPtr<IRequest> m_piRequest).

with system attributes:
 - WinNT Server sp5
 - VS v6 sp3
 - IE v5

I instantiate the object on an ASP page via: "set
jsobject=server.CreateObject("PSI.JSGMC")" at the top of the page.
If I call one and only one method then free it everything is ok which
is usually the case.  HOWEVER, if I attempt to call TWO or more
methods, a resource consuming infinite loop occurs!!!!!!   I beleive
the system is tied up in SPOOLSS.EXE (not sure.)

What in the 1234 is the deal?

Thanks in advance.

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