UniDirectional Movable Components

If you look on the Delphi WWW pages you should find a component called
GRABBAR.ZIP that does exactly what you want. Off the top of my head I
can't remember exactly where it is, but it should be on The Delphi
Super Page.
ch...@cytec.pl.my (Christopher Tan) wrote:
>Hi !
>    I would like to know if anyone here can tell me how to make a
>component move during runtime by dragging with the mouse but only in a
>single plane ( Horizontally/Vertically).
>    This is because I would like to make one of those programs that you
>see with two Listboxes side by side and you can drag the centre bar
>between the two listboxes to resize both their sizes ( just like in
>CuteFTP ).
>    If you know of other ways to do this, please tell me :) ... Thanks.

>             Email : ch...@cytec.pl.my