Problems of ActiveX Form coded with Delphi 3.

To whom may concern,


  I am C.H. Du, an INPRISE user in Taipei, Taiwan. First of all,
I'd like to give my great appreciation for having your attention
and golden time.

  I am now working in 3-Tiered MIS programming and the developing
environment is Delphi 3. Under the 3-tiered architecture, the
client terminal's programs are realized in ActiveX Form with
MicroSoft IE 3.02 as the default executing platform. It should be
a workable solution, and surely YES, it did. But unfortunately,
I met some fuzzy troubles. I'd like to ask for your guidence.
Here is the one.

  In a just installed, pure Win95 and IE3.02 environment, it is
found that the ActiveX Forms can always be downloaded smoothly and
executed successfully. However, this workable solution seems can not
hold in every Win95 and IE3.02 combined environment where the PCs
have been used for a certain period of time and registered and/or
unregistered lots of application softwares. The fuzzy troble is like:
'In these 'un-fresh' PCs, the ActiveX Form sometimes can not be
downloaded, and sometimes can not be executed after download for
unknown reasons.'

  Here, I'd like to address that different IE settings have been
comprehensively studied. And each set of settings were kept in the
same during every trial. I wonder whether some key point(s) was
missed or mismanipulated during building the ActiveX Form? Or the
Win95, IE 3.02 settings were improperly configured? Hope you can
show me a way for beating this troble fuzzy.

With my best regards,

Sincerely yours,
C.H. Du

PS.The Web Deployment Options I used for building ActiveX Form
are listed for reference:
1. Use CAB file compression,
2. Include file version number,
3. Deploy required packages,
4. Auto increment release number,
5. Deploy additional file
(build with runtime packages in Project/Options)
And then Deploy it as *.cab, *.inf, *.htm.

PS2. If it is convenient, please E-mail a copy of your solution
  to me. My E-mail address is