Calculated fields - data goes away

Hi there

I am trying to do a simple OnCalcFields event but am having a little

I have two DBGrid's linked with a Master-Detail relationship, and need a
calculated field in the master, depending on the values of a field in the
detail.  Whenever I try to reference any table or field from the
CalcFields Event, no data shows up in my DBGrid components (whereas if I
don't reference any other tables or queries, the data shows up as it
should).  Is there any way to get around this?  I have tried using a
query, but referencing that has the same problem.

Thanks for any help

Timothy Wild
timothy.wild.1@(delete this to reply)

procedure TDataModule1.ProjectMasterSourceTableCalcFields(  DataSet:
TDataSet); begin  HoursSoFarQuery.First;  {this is a TQuery}
ProjectMasterSourceTableHoursSoFar.Value := 2  {or a value from the
detail fields}; end;

Timothy Wild
Massey University
New Zealand
E-mail : timothy.wild.1@(delete this to reply)

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