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Problem with BDE, paradox table and query

Hi there,

we've got a problem with a paradox table.
Our program fills this table with data (blocks of 100-200 records
per block). After there are aprox. 200000 or more records in the
table. We got the problem, that a select-query at the end of
the table (last 100-200 records) do not work correctly.

The table has the following stucture:

1       Field1  I       Primary Index
2       Field2  I       Primary Index
3       Field3  I       Primary Index
4       Field4  I       Primary Index
5       Field5  I       Primary Index
6       Field6  B Size(20)
7       Field7  L
8       Field8  L
9       Field9  L
10      Field10 @
11      Field11 L
12      Field12 L
13      Field13 L
14      Field14 L
15      Field15 S
16      Field16 S

The problem occurs with a query of the kind

select *
(Field1=x) AND
(Field2=y) AND
(Field3<z) AND
(Field7=false) AND
(Field8=false) AND
(Field9=false) AND

And the effect is, that this query returns no data even
though there are valid data.

After we recreate this table with its data, the query
works correct.

Is this a problem with the index?

Does anybody knows anything about this problem?

Thanks for any help and suggestions in advance



Re:Problem with BDE, paradox table and query

Chris wrote:
> The table has the following stucture:

there have been cases over time where tables with multiple Integer
fields in the key get flakey sometimes.. and it's always something that
you can never reproduce with anything except the exact scenario that is
causing the problem..

is it possible to make a single-field artificial key, and work with
those five fields in the context of secondary indexes?.. if nothing
else, this would make *any* sec index smaller and more efficient..

also, side issue.. you should move that blob field to the end of the
table.. there have been many known issues with blob/memo fields that are
*not* at the end of the table..


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