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Ole Automation / Windows 2000


I have a problem with OLE Automation of Win2000.

I have a program which uses an object COM with a OLE AUTOMATION link. I do
not have a problem on NT4 or Win9x ,  But on WIn2000 i can't to connect by
prgm to the Com Component. Why !!!!

The code :

Var Global

       G_PtSrv_SA    : ISA_Ektor;


       G_PtSrv_SA := CoSA_Ektor.Create;

Thank you in advance for your ideas



Re:Ole Automation / Windows 2000

  Have you registered the COM object on the win2k box?  I have not had any
problems running local COM objects under win2k.  What happens when you call
the Co-class's Create function?  Do you get an exception?  If so, what's the

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