Installing BDE wipes out existing BDE aliases

We have an application we install using InstallShield Developer 8 using the
BDE Merge Module. It installs and works fine by itself. The problem is, that
when another application that uses the BDE is already installed on the
target PC, our installation is clearing the BDE aliases from the previous
BDE installation. Per the merge module instructions, we are installing a
BDEMerge.ini file with the BDE. It is very simple, it contains only a single
line for the paradox driver, no aliases are defined. It was created using
the BDEMergeCfg.exe.

Is there anyway to keep from wiping out BDE settings of a previous install?
I thought the BDEMerge.ini would some how 'merge' our settings with any
existing ones, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Has anyone had
experience with anything like this?