CachedUpdates causing corruption in Memo/Blob/Text

My environment: Delphi 4.03 on NT4.04, BDE 5.11 (or 5.1.1), MyODBC
2.50.29, MySQL 3.22.32 (on Solaris 7)

(also happens on Linux with MySQL 3.22.27 and BDE 5.1.0)

Everything is working fine except when using CachedUpdates on tables
with Memo (blob/text) fields.  All I have to do is run down my records
in a table and do EDIT/POSTs to corrupt the Memo Field.  I go back up
through the records and I get something like this in the memo field:
  "v "

This only happens when using CachedUpdates, and of course it's important
that I use them in my case.  I'm not using transactions, just
ApplyUpdates in the AfterPost event.

(I tried with to re-produce this with local Paradox tables not through
ODBC and they seem to work fine)


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