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"Fly Away Records" and BetterADODataSet

Sometimes when appending a record to a BetterADODataSet it simply disappears
out of the resultset even though it has been posted successfully (i.e. the
record exists in the database table but not in the grid which was used to
insert the record).

It appears as if this problem is not unique as the BetterADODataSet has a
procedure "CheckForFlyAway" where it appears to check for something like

(I am using a SQL2000 database. The BetterADODataSet giving the problem
queries a table that has a trigger that modified some fields in the record
that has been posted).

Does anybody know what causes records to disappear like this? Help would be
much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Re:"Fly Away Records" and BetterADODataSet

My guess is that your problem has nothing to do with the DataSet
be it "Better" or not. If you have a "WHERE Field1=Value1" clause
and then insert some other value for Field1, the record will naturally

Vassil Nazarov

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