Exporting QuickBooks data to Delphi

If you use QuickBooks, we have a new ActiveX Automation object you might be
interested in.

It can get ALL the low level data out of QuickBooks for importing into Delphi
database files.

For over a year, we've been shipping a DLL that extracts all data out of
QuickBooks files by reading the binary file format.  DataBlox Office/Q handles
U.S. QuickBooks versions 4, 5, 6, and 99 (as well as Canadian versions 5 and 6)
and has an installed base of about 1200 users.  However, it was only easy to use
from Visual Basic / VBA environments.

We recently 'ported' it as an easy to use ActiveX Automation object.

It extracts accounts, budgets, classes, inventory items, payroll items,
employees, all payroll records, time records, customers, terms, vendors, all
custom fields, all 24 types of transactions - even online data and settings made
through the preferences menu!  The core data extraction code has also been field
tested against over 5000 real world QuickBooks files.

This data can be converted to any database, spreadsheet, word processing, etc.
format commonly used with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT.  We provide a sample
Microsoft Access application that creates an Access database clone of any
QuickBooks file, complete with all data in the file. It also includes full
Access source code so you can modify it if desired.  We also provide 10
Microsoft Excel macro driven spreadsheet generator examples with source code.

Because it is new and we don't have source code examples written in Delphi that
use it - we have a special offer of $99 until March 14th.  This also includes
the ability to redistribute it up to 500 times!

If interested, please visit our web site at:
http://www.datablox.com/qb/qboview.htm.  Please respond soon because after March
14th, it's price will be $299.

The web site contains complete product documentation with detailed list of all
records and fields exported.

     Scott Treseder, Office/Q Developer
     100% QuickBooks to VBA data extraction
Clone your QuickBooks file to an Access 97 database
     http://www.datablox.com  Spokane, WA