New version of TV Resource Workshop

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I just wanted to let you know that version 3.60 of Turbo Vision
Resource Workshop is now available in our website.  

Turbo Vision Resource Workshop is a Turbo Vision developers toolkit
that allows you to interactively create dialogs, menu bars, popup
menus, status lines, string tables and even use your own defined
controls.  It can generate Pascal and C++ source code files for
these objects (or you can directly create Pascal resource files),
plus it can also generate base application source files, resource
builders, constants units and base help source files.  By using TVRW,
you can create working resourced applications without having to write
a single line of code in most cases (if you are using a resource
builder program, you will need to include a reference to the
constants unit before you can get it to compile).

Version 3.6 fixes all the reported bugs since the release of version
3.50 so all known bugs in the generation of source code files
(particularly C++ files) have been removed.  Some minor problems in
the user interface have also been corrected.  

All licensed versions now include the complete online User's Guide
in Adobe's Acrobat format (PDF).  You can download a demo version of
this documentation (which includes the introduction and the complete
Table of Contents) from the TVRW page at the URL below.

You can download TVRW from our website at:

Please feel free to visit our site and contact us if you have any
questions or comments about TVRW.

Have a great day!

Arturo Monge                    
BitSoft Development, L.L.C.        
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