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Hyperthreading Help...

2005-10-01 04:28:26 AM
This may not be the appropriate group to ask this... if that is the case,
if someone could point out which group may be better... please let me know.
We have a legacy system written in Delphi 2 and we're experiencing some
communications problems with HT systems. Without Affinity set to 0, the
application is unable to see other peers on the network. We are unable to
send broadcasts and find other machines on the network. With Affinity set
to 0, it works just fine. We have some machines where the HT cannot be
turned off (Affinity set to 0)...
We are trying to determine just where the issues with HT technology are
arising from. Also, what is there within the app that can be done to
resolve this. Anyone with any experience with this?
Thanks in advance....

Re:Hyperthreading Help...

Yes, I see your point... that does make things a bit more difficult...
We're talking socket communications on a LAN.... inability to ping while
affinity is not set to 0...
"Bill Todd" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
It is difficult to imagine how anyone could help without some minimal
information on what kind of communications you are talking about (COM,
sockets, Windows messages, interprocess on the same machine, across a
LAN, a WAN, the internet) and the text of the error messages you are

Bill Todd (TeamB)

Re:Hyperthreading Help...

Sorry. I have no idea what would cause that. Perhaps someone else can
Bill Todd (TeamB)