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How to invoke bcp

2005-08-23 09:09:31 PM
Currently we have a proprietary db format that we are going to convert to
traditional ODBC compliant db backends, i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, and more.
We can currently export the db to Access, SQL Server, and CSV files. The
export to the db backends seems to take a while. So i was thinking about
trying to use the bcp utility along with our CSV output. Is there any way to
invoke bcp through Delphi. I know that we can import the type library for
SQL-DMO but what about bcp? Any other ideas that i should be thinking about
so our upgrade process does not take any longer than necessary, some clients
have been using our software for 10 yrs or more?
Thanks a trillion,
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Re:How to invoke bcp

Is there any way to
invoke bcp through Delphi.
(On MS-SQL Server at least) BCP is a command prompt utility, you must call
it externally anyway (in a stored procedure you'd use xp_cmdshell.)