TClientdataset Master-Detail Not Nested

2003-07-13 07:36:48 PM
I am trying to create a app that can be used offline.
The setup is as follows
MasterCDS Primary indexField = ITEMID
DetailCDS Primary IndexField = DETID(Gets auto Inc)
DetailCDS Ref to master with field ITEMID in DetailCDS
DetailCDS.masterSource = MasterCDSSrc;
DetailCDS.MasterFields = ITEMID
DetailCDS.IndexFieldName = ITEMID
When I try to open the Detail table it Says Field ITEMID Not Found
I Tryed using Nested Tables -Master Detail Works fine
but I only get the current master records DetailRecords from the server.-I need to get all the records and can only do that
if i use a seperate provider for each table
What am i doing wrong
Neels Audie