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CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 December Update

2008-03-26 05:46:06 PM
Working with Codegear RAD Studio 2007 Enterprise.
OS Windows XP professional.
While installing you are given the choice of to set a different directory
from the default Common files directory on the C:\ .
I did choose another directory on the 'D:\ Programmer\Borland\CommonFiles'.
Everything went well and it worked perfectly
When installing the update for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007december, it turned
out that the placement of the library for the common files is hard coded in
the installation and places the new files in the C:\Programs\Common Files or
the equivalent in other languages as Danish 'C:\Programmer\Fælles filer\'
It apparently destroys something which is very annoying. The Data Explorer
with the dbExpress and Ado.Net do not work as they should.
Therefor i could not rectify so i had to deinstall and reinstall and not
update the program with the december 2007 update.
Is there any solution to this very annoying update ?
Nothing in the installation notes gives you any information about this.
I suppose i have to change references(keys etc) in the registration database
but i have not tried
Magnus S. Petersen

Re:CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 December Update

Magnus S. Petersen writes:

Is there any solution to this very annoying update ?
You can move the files from where the installer puts them to where you
want them.
Nick Hodges
Delphi Product Manager - CodeGear