bde 5 is lost


We have 2  paradox tables; the first one contains 14000 records and the
other 4000. In BDE 16bits (delphi 1) we made a JOIN between them in a
SQL statement, and it ran OK.
The same query in BDE 32 (delphi 4) bits doesn't work.
The SQL is like:

        SELECT *
        FROM   Table1 A, Table2 B
       WHERE (A.field1 = B.field1) OR (A.field2 = B.field1)

Whe know that probably the problem is a resource problem, because easier

querys worked well. The question is: Why in the same machine, and the
same resources, and the same SQL it works in BDE 16 bits and doesn't
work in BDE 32 bits ?.
We have Windows NT workstation, 64MB RAM, Pentium II 266Mhz.

Working with Microsoft Acces, DAO 3.5, and TQuery components. We have
created indexes to increase performance when using ORDER BY clause, but
It seems not to use them. Why?

We have also performance problems with de LOCATE method. The old FINDKEY

was faster. Why when there are a lot of records LOCATE its so slow?

Why it's slower to open a table in BDE 32 bits than in BDE 16 bits?
specially if it's an Acces table?