EndDrag bug in D3?

Hey, you taught me something new! Did not know
that I could end a bad drag with the Esc key.  Tried
it out and it worked.  I always dumped a bad drag by
dragging it to someplace that could not accept it.
I'm going to do a mini-survey of my programming
friends to see if they knew this.  I bet they don't.
I guess I should go back and add that to my drags.

Claudio Valderrama C. <cva...@dcsc.utfsm.cl> wrote in message

> Art:
>     See Windows Explorer: while you're dragging one or more items, your
> cursor shape changes if you hold or release Ctrl key, but most important,
> the drag is aborted if you press ESC. This is what I need to emulate with
> EndDrag. I had
> to follow a convoluted workaround because EndDrag fails.
>     Of course, I use OnStartDrag, OnDragOver, OnDragDrop and OnEndDrag as
> required.

> C.