Control '' has no parent window

Hi all,

I am having trouble loading a Word document by filename into an OLE
container. I have the following class declaration:

  TThing = class(TComponent)
     TheThing: TOleContainer;

After creating TThing I create TheThing like this:

     TheThing := TOleContainer.Create(Self);
     TheThing.Name := 'NormalTemplate';

And later on:

Office\Templates\', False);

Trying to execute this produces the following error message:

Control 'NormalTemplate' has no parent window.

I have tried the CreateParented method and setting the ParentWindow
property for the OLE container, but nothing works. I know this has to
work somehow. If I do this in Word VBA, using:

      Set thisDoc = GetObject(fileName)

Word loads the document, but does not show it, and I can do normal
editing operations on it.