NY Delphi User Group - Thu Feb 22

        New York Delphi User Group / 22 February 96


        - Meeting Announcement
        - Random Access
        - Work Opportunities
        - About the New York Delphi User Group

        Meeting Announcement: Thursday, February 22, 6:00-9pm  

        Topic:  Database Components in Delphi 32

                Jim Kocis, of The Burgiss Group, will speak about
                Delphi 32's database components.  Jim is an excellent
                speaker, a noted Paradox author, and long time contributor
                to the NYPC Paradox and Delphis SIGs.  Come meet him!

        Where:  The Hoffmann Auditorium
                Memorial Sloane-Kettering
                1275 York Avenue (between 67th and 68th Streets)
                New York City

        Random Access

        I have no clever Delphi hacks to share with you this month.
        Instead, some random thoughts:

        If you're reading this email message, it's thanks to Ann Lynnworth's
        nifty utility BulkMail.  BulkMail is a $50 shareware program,
        which let's you send an electronic newsletter to a list of
        addresses stored in a Paradox or dBASE table.  BulkMail was
        written in Delphi.  (Yes, we'll be sending in our $50.)  

        BulkMail is just one of many interesting projects
        that Ann and her partner, Michael Ax (who recently spoke
        at NYDUG), are working on at HREF Tools Corp.  Another
        project is WebHub, a set of Delphi components designed to support
        database-centric web sites running on NT or Win 95.

        BulkMail can be downloaded at
        Visit HREF Tools Corp. at <http://www.href.com>

        Blowing My Own Horn
        You may have noticed, or even benefitted from (?),  my experiment
        "ISC's Database of Delphi Resources." <http://www.iscinc.com/delphres.html>
        This is a searchable database of Delphi-related resources on
        the web.  The database for this resource is populated by
        the Delphi Harvester (it's the best name I could come up
        with) a specialized robot, which parses a set of specified
        Delphi-relevant URL's for interesting resources.

        The next generation of the Delphi Harvester is  even
        more interesting.  The next Delphi Harvester --
        the Delphi {*word*76}hound?-- will be a browser, written in Java,
        with specialized knowledge about Delphi.  

        The idea is that by focussing on a narrow domain, be it
        Lyme Disease, Herpatology, Delphi, or whatever, it becomes possible
        to make somethimg smarter than a web "browser."  

        Smart web parsers are one approach to the challenge of
        "indexing the internet."   Another approach is to create enforceable
        standards on the content side.  In other words, if every Delphi
        component --DCU file--  contained a header with a description,
        vendor information, pricing, and so on, we wouldn't have to be
        clever about parsing HTML pages.  Instead, we could just write a
        specialized content handler for browsing DCU files.  Using Java,
        such specialized content handlers can be automagically added to your
        browser as needed.  That is, your browser would automatically download
        and install new content handlers as it encountered new kinds of content.

        Author's Query (more horn blowing)
        A few of us at ISC Consultants are collaborating on a Java book,
        incidentally, and I'll be seeking a handful of Java novices for
        beta testing, as it were, in late March.  If you're interested
        and expect to have a little time, drop me an email <dkoo...@iscinc.com>.
        Credit will be given.

        Visual Delphi++
        Say, has anyone noticed that distinctive looking app,
        roadmap.exe, that comes with Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0?
        Guess what it was written in? ;-)

        'Till next time,

        Work Opportunities

        As a service to the membership, and to those seeking to
        employ Delphi programmers, we will occasionaly publish notices
        of existing work opportunities.  


        HARVEY BOOKMAN, of Bookman Consulting, seeks an expert Delphi
        programmer to write multiple-choice questions for a Delphi
        proficiency test to be used world wide.  Contact Harvey
        at 718-338-8597 and mention the NYDUG.

        SAM DAVIDOVICS of the New York Law Publising Company seeks
        a full-time employee with Delphi and Clipper expertise.
        Send resumes via USPS or email to:

                Sam Davidovics <s...@ljextra.com>
                New York Law Publising Company
                345 Park Avenue South      
                New York, NY  10010

        Mention the NYDUG.

        About the New York Delphi User Group

        The New York Delphi User Group meets in New York City the
        fourth Thursday of each month to swap tricks, traps, tools,
        and tips related to our favorite client-server development
        environment: Borland's Delphi.

        All meetings are free and open to the public.

        We are a special interest group formed under the auspices
        of the NY PC User Group and we encourage meeting attendees
        to join NYPC.  The NYPC dues are $35/year, or $65 for two years.
        Please send a check (write "Delphi/Paradox" in the memo area) to:
        NYPC, Suite 2124, 40 Wall St, New York NY 10005-1301
        NYPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
        Membership inquiries: email to "nypc.members...@nypc.org"

        The New York Delphi User Group is run by its members.
        The donkey work is performed, cheerfully, by the volunteer
        Steering Committee which includes:

        David Koosis            <dkoo...@iscinc.com>
        Victor Pei              <v...@ritz.mordor.com>
        Jon Overton             <jover...@maestro.com>
        Richard Davis           <75542....@compuserve.com>
        Howard Louis
        Howard Wertenteil       <lungf...@pipeline.com>

        If you're a Delphi programmer, we encourage you to share
        a technical insight, programming experience, component
        review, or baffling question with the user group.
        Contact any of the steering committee members.

        To join the mailing list, see:
        send a note to
        <del...@iscinc.com> with the word "subscribe" in
        the "Subject:" heading.

        New York Delphi User Group
        c/o ISC Consultants Inc.
        14 East 4th Steet, Suite 602
        New York, NY  10012-1141
        Email preferred.

        See you at the meeting!
        David Koosis

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