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Problem w/ adding new form, EREADERROR

I've got a multi-form program and I am having a problem with adding a
new form to the mix.

I have a main form with buttons on it to call the various forms.  I use
the following code under the click method for each button to call each:


But, when I went to create a new form, I did the same thing as above.
I also added the name of the new source to the uses of the main source.

When I compile the program I get the message EREADERROR, invalid
property value in the button click.  I am obviously missing something,
but I have yet to figure it out.  Any help would be much appreciated.



Re:Problem w/ adding new form, EREADERROR

Well the fact that you are trying to create and view two modal forms at
the same time is a problem.  Modal indicates that you want a form to be
on top - Permanently or at least until proper attention has been given to
that form (i.e. a modal dialog to retry, abort, or cancel will not let
you access any other form or function until a response has been given
to the dialog).  When you say you are trying to run a multi-form app,
I'm not sure if you mean as MDI Parent/Child, but I don't think that MDI
child forms can be modal, anyway, so if you are trying to
MDIChildForm.ShowModal, that would almost certainly generate and
error/exception or at best ignore the request.  MDI or otherwise, trying
to use to modal forms at the same time will cause problems.

Hope that answers your question.


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