GPF from Windows RUN command

I am having a problem with one of my programs written in Delphi.

I have a MDI application. There are 2 forms that I creating (Application.Cre
ateForm(TForm, Form)). One is ShowModal, the other is a MDI form. After
either has been created, shown, used and closed, when I click on the RUN
Command from the Windows 95 Task bar, I get a GPF:

Application Error
Exception EGPFault in module
PROGRAM.EXE at 0032:1A10.

This is a Delphi 1.0 Application. What is strange is that my application is
just running in the back ground... just sitting there. The user is clicking
outside of my application and bringing up the RUN command. Once that is
hit, the GPF pop's up out of my application.

I was running a Timer event, so I figured it must be having problems with
some code (2 lines), so I disabled the Timer and recompiled. Same problem.
When I create one of these 2 forms, and then destroy them, if the RUN
command is pressed, the application GPF's. Sometimes if I open other
Windows in my application after the 2 I mentioned, I don't get a GPF when
clicking on the RUN command.

What could Windows be sending my application when the RUN command is
pressed that my application is GPF'ing on? Could the app be destroying
something it shouldn't be? How can this be tested?

When running in Delphi, the Code stops on the Application.Run command in
the app's project code. It would lead one to believe that the problem is in
the Delphi Source itself.

It is one thing to debug problems with my source, but if the problem is
coming from an outside source, I am lost.

Does anyone have any idea's what the problem could be, or how to debug it?

Thanks for your assistance,