v1.2 of TAdvStringGrid released

for Delphi 1 / 2 / 3 / C++Builder
Features :

automatic printing with optional title, pagenummer, date, time, border and
custom drawing
insert / delete rows & colums
 save / load to file
 save / load to stream
 save / load to CSV file
 save / load to XLS file (D2 & D3 only)
 copy / paste to clipboard
 save to HTML
 cell alignment, cell color, cell font color, read-only cells
 automatic column sizing
 column sorting + full sort when clicking on column header + arrow
indication (like Internet mail)
 automatic goto cell based on sorted column when key pressed
 event handler for setting hint of each cell
 automatic selection of next cell after edit
 insert / delete key to insert or delete  rows
 automatic resizing with parent form
 automatic text display appended with '...' when text does not fit in column
 automatic saving of user resized columns in registry or INI file
 proportional scrollbars
 hide / unhide columns
 search capabilities with options for case sensitive, full/partial, regular
 bitmaps, icons, imagelist elements
 fixed rows at bottom of grid

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