Non-registering .dll for SMTP

My app uses the SMTP control that comes with Delphi 3.0. It works perfectly
on my development PC, both within the IDE and when run from the program's
.exe outside the IDE.

My problems begin when trying to run my app on other machines. After
installing my app, Installshield tries to register the SMTP's associated
.dlls and fails with nmorenu.dll. The message is: *nmorenu.dll was loaded
but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.* (Using regsvr32 gives
me the same error msg) Then, when I run my app, all is well until I try to
use the SMTP control. I get an EOleSysError.

The files that I included with my app are: smtpct.ocx, nmocod.dll,
nmorenu.dll, nmsckn.dll, olepro32.dll. Are there any known problems with
the SMTP control? Of course, it is more likely that I am doing something

Thank you.