Book:- "The Design Patterns Delphi Companion"

*laugh* If you two could come out with *any* reasonable implementation
of the Blackboard Pattern they torment us about so much in The Pragmatic
Programmer, it'd be on my bookshelf in no time flat :)

I'd especially be interested in patterns that took advantage of
interfaces with inherent ref-counting ability so as to minimize the
bookkeeping and not have to worry about AV'ing when the program shuts
down (I use plain objects and put together a TNotifyEventList with which
I can broadcast, but I always seem to need to add an extra list for
destruction notification - don't always go high enough up the hierarchy
to use TComponent and its FreeNotification - to make sure things don't
AV on me if they get destroyed in the wrong order)

It's pretty interesting how many different implementations of the
Observer and even Singleton pattern there are in Delphi :)

They did some relatively simple patterns down at BorCon this year, but I
didn't take away anything new from them ;)

Mark, hadn't even known that book was purported to be around - hadn't
come across it in *any* of my Delphi + Patterns searches :)

What do they consider sufficient interest in a book?  An actual
pre-order? :) Or just a "hit"? *laugh* I don't put my money on the line
with vaporbooks ;)

  -- Ritchie Annand
  Senior Product Developer
  Malibu Software & Engineering Ltd.