problems with windows 2000, delphi5, dbe and oracle 8

We developed an application in a NT4 environment with Delphi 5, using the
BDE (not ADO) and an Oracle 7.3 database server. So far so good.

When we migrated our server to Oracle 8 we got several problems like
'ORA-01410 invalid ROWID' and some more, but we could resolve these problems
with te latest BDE version.

But now we migrated to Windows 2000 a new problems occur: Selecting rows
works well, but when we try to updated records an access violoation occurs
in Oracle8client.dll.

It seems to me that the combination Windows 2000, Delphi5, BDE and Oracle 8
is not unusual..... Does anyone have the same problem(s) and knows what to
do ?

Personally, I think the BDE is causing all the problems... but I'm not sure.
Maybe we should replace queries with ADOqueries ?

Please, who can help us ???

Tips and ideas are very welcome !!