NY Delphi User Group: November 9


        = NEXT MEETING

========= NEXT MEETING ============================================

        WHO:    A Few Different Speakers...

        WHEN:   9 November 1995, Thursday

        WHERE:  ISC Consultants Inc.    
                14 East 4th Street, Suite 602
                New York, NY  10012

        Besides some technical presentations, we'll be discussing
        some important group business:

        (If we move the monthly meeting to the 4th Thursday, we
        will be able to use the auditorium at Sloane Kettering.)

        Forgive me for my scant attention to user group business
        this month; I just got a new daughter who's been
        keeping me busy!

========= NEWS AND COMMENT ========================================

        If you missed the last meeting, you missed a very interesting
        presentation from Michael Ax.  (Thanks Michael!)
        Michael discussed Delphi component design.  In particular,
        Michael showed off his TPack shareware component set *and*
        he showed us how to parse Delphi's own form resources and
        view them in the form designer.  Whew!  We'll be having
        Michael back for further Delphi spelunking sometime soon.

        Thanks to CGS Inc. for generously providing space for last
        month's meeting!

        And thanks to you all for making the NY Delphi User Group
        a worthwhile way to spend an evening!  

        Check out Cay Horstmann's review of Delphi in this month's
        "C++ Report."  

========= COMING ATTRACTIONS ======================================

        January 16-18 (to be confirmed) NYDUG, Borland, NYPC, and
        the C++ SIG will participate in hold a 3-day Borland product
        event.  This should be a great opportunity for the C++
        and Delphi SIG members to mingle and compare notes.

========= ABOUT THE NEW YORK DELPHI USER GROUP ====================

        The New York Delphi User Group meets in New York City the
        second Thursday of each month to swap tricks, traps, tools,
        and tips related to our favorite client-server development
        environment: Borland's Delphi.

        All meetings are free and open to the public.

        We are a special interest group formed under the auspices
        of the NY PC User Group and we encourage meeting attendees
        to join NYPC.  Contact NYPC at <nypc.members...@nypc.org>
        or <http://www.catalog.com/nypc/nypc.html>.

        The New York Delphi User Group is run by its members.
        The donkey work is performed, cheerfully, by the volunteer
        Steering Committee which includes:

        David Koosis <dkoo...@iscinc.com>, NYPC SIG Co-Chair
                Contact re: NYDUG Web Page, Email List, Events

        Victor Pei <v...@ritz.mordor.com>, NYPC SIG Co-Chair
                Contact re: Events

        Jon Overton <jover...@maestro.com>
                Contact re: Study Group

        Richard Davis <75542....@compuserve.com>
        Howard Louis
        Howard Wertenteil <lungf...@pipeline.com>

        If you're a Delphi programmer, we encourage you to share
        a technical insight, programming experience, component
        review, or baffling question with the user group.
        Contact any of the steering committee members.

        To join the mailing list, see:
        send a note to
        <del...@iscinc.com> with the word "subscribe" in
        the "Subject:" heading.

        New York Delphi User Group
        c/o ISC Consultants Inc.
        14 East 4th Steet, Suite 602
        New York, NY  10012-1141
        Email preferred.

        See you at the meeting!
        David Koosis
 ISC Consultants, Inc.                                      +1 212-477-8800  
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