NEW: Own protected mode in TP 6.0/7.0

NEW and FREE: "swallow"

Write your programs with TP 6.0/7.0 and in _protected mode_ with a free

Entirely for myself I wrote a DOS-Extender for my TP 6.0 programs, but it
works now with TP 7.0, TC++ 1.0 and BC 3.5++ too (and maybe with other
Borland compilers).

The extender is easy to use (you simply have to link in a special unit and
to call an EXE-converter after linking), provides own virtual memory on
hard disk, protects each memory block for itself (so you can find even small
accessing mistakes), has an option to include 32-bit assembler code,
is tested with Himem.Sys, Emm386 (Microsoft and Novell), QEmm, Windows 3.11,
OS/2 WARP and Windows 95 (as far as possibe) and (very important) is _free_.

The only barrier between you and the extender is my fear of trying to
document and translate the extender into english (I'm a German and so I am
a {*word*76}y english writer) and noone (except me) wants it.

Thatwhy I would be happy to get a mail of any one who want to use my utility
(and I would be happy once more, if you would tell me in which kind of
program you want to use it, because I really was not able to test the
extender in all situations).

If you are interested in a release of the extender "swallow" then
mailto <>

Thank you, Thomas