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Delphi went crazy after changig formstyle - HELP

 I'm working on my application about 15 days and it has mainform, mainmenu,
from which other forms are called.
 It worked fine until today, when I was examining something. I changed
formstyle of one form to fsMDIChild, and, with no compiling, put it back
to fsNormal. But, when I compiled it after that, Delphi went crazy.
He excecutes onshow when form creates, He changes the width, size, and
the position of the form(left,top). Every time form shows it's on differente
place. My program is totally crashed now, because some things which must
excecute on onshow are excecuting on oncreate, so I'll have to rewrite the
program again (or forms). I hope there is a better solution.
Thanks in advance.

Re:Delphi went crazy after changig formstyle - HELP

Re:  Form Went crazy --

Try setting the Form's visible property back to False.  
Switching to the MDI child changed it.

Nick Hodges

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