IE or Netscape DDE question

In Delphi I using TDDEClientConv component for IE and
Netscape DDE. I may load page to browser using

with DdeClientConv1 do
   ServiceApplication := BrowserEXEFile;
   RequestData(sURL + ',,0xFFFFFFFF,0x3,,,');

if I want know which page is now in browser loaded(ing) then I use

with ddeClientConv1 do
    ServiceApplication := BrowserEXEFile;
    PCharVariable := nil;
    SetLink('iexplore', 'WWW_GetWindowInfo');
    PCharVariable := RequestData('0xFFFFFFFF');
if PCharVariable <> nil then StringVariable := StrPas(PCharVariable)
else StringVariable := 'NIL';

in StringVariable I see information which page is loaded(ing).

And now question : I need know if the page in browser is actualy loaded or
still loading. How get this information from DDE ?

Thanks for any help.

Ales Turai, Czech Republic