DCOM Server as App vs Service under NT

        I've recently converted an existing app into an out of process
server. It contains a UI. As long as I have launched server as an app,
server shows up as an app. It can be  configured, looked at, switched
off etc.
        However, ff server is not active as an application, and when
an other application requests objjects, server runs as a _service_,
with C:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exe as the parent. Being a
regular EXE with a GUI, it's not supposed to run as a service. But it
does.  And the GUI is gone. server continues to work, but as far as
the user is  concerned, it is invisible. It doesn't show up in the app
list. It does not even show up in the services list.
        Is there someway of preventing it running as a service ? I'm
not interested specifically running it as service.