bug with QReport 2.0g : QRmemo.autostretch not working properly


I have the following problem :

Small history :
I need to put several lines of text im report that come from a
TStringField.  I can't use a QRDBText, since it does not recognize
CR/LF.  Therefore I now use a QRmemo that is filled in at runtime
(Tstringfield -> TstringList.text -> QRMemo.Lines).Since I do not know
the number of lines, I put the autostretch property to True.  

the problem :
When printing, Quickreport increases the height of the QRMemo to fit all
the lines.  The bug is that the increase in height is a factor two to
much.  If it needs to add 5 lines, it adds room for 10, etc.

Is there any workaround or fix for this one ???


Jan Kempenaers