EmptyTable causes GPF; sorting tables

Hi, masters!

I have three questions (probably you answered theese hundred times)

1., TTable.EmptyTable caused a number of GPFs, then the prog locked up.
I've used EmptyTable earlier, and it was ok. The Table was closed,
was not used by another progs. It was a bit complex dbase f/w tbl,
with a blob field, many indexes, and with approx 900 records.
Why does it fail? Any ideas?

2., How to sort databases with delphi? I want change the phisical order
of records in the db file. Borland Database Desktop can do that. It's
in BDE, or it's a routine in BDD.

3., How to REALLY delete a record from a table? TTable.Delete only marks
it deleted. How to count records in a table. TTable.RecordCount counts
the records marked as deleted.