Can not find package information for package ''. [ERROR]

Could someone advise me to what is causing this error (ref: subject).

I can only fix it by installing NT Server over the existing copy. The
downfall is this machine is also a webserver, so I can not reinstall NT
everytime Delphi decided to take a dump.

The error appears when I design a new package, and try to compile it. It
compiles, then when it gets to the linking stage I get this error. I can
shell to DOS and manually compile the component, but delphi 3.0.2 does not
like the DPL (says it is corrupt).

I have called "inprise support", paid for the calls (over and over), and
noone there seems to have a clue what causes this error, nor does it seem to
be a concern on their behalf.

This is way beyond frustrating, as I have been able to reproduce it on 3
different machines, with three different releases of Delphi3. All of these
are NT Server (except 1 is NT Workstation).

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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Ozz Nixon