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Alias as working directory

There is something about DBD and aliases that I don't understand. I
often work against ODBC data sources. I would like to be able to set my
DBD Working Directory to the alias that represents the ODBC data source
I want.

When I open the Set Working Directory dialog, none of the aliases that
represent ODBC data sources appear in the Aliases dropdown. But when I
click the Browse button, those aliases *do* appear in the Drive (or
Alias) list. I click the alias I want in that list,
its name is copied to the Directories edit and it appears in the
Directories file list. I click OK, am returned to the Set Working
Directory dialog. The alias name I want has been copied to the Working
Directory edit, but now the OK button has been disabled. The alias name,
which is now showing as the working directory, still does not appear in
the Aliases dropdown. I have no choice but to cancel the the dialog.

My recourse is to open the File|Open|Table dialog, choose the alias I
want from the dropdown list that appears in *that* dialog, and then
proceed to log in and open the table I want.

My BDE administrator has Virtual checked and autoODBC set to true. I
even use Alias Manager in DBD to log in to the *Public* alias and open
it before I try to make it my working database. I thought, perhaps,
because I have several Borland tools on my machine, that there were
several sets of configuration files such that the left hand doesn't know
what the right is doing (that happened under Win3X). But I haven't been
able to locate any 'extra' configurations.

I am convinced there is a way to set my working directory to an ODBC
data source because over the years I have done it occasionally. When it
happens, I am usually startled by how easy it was, and too pround to
note how I did it. Yet I cannot seem to do it consistently.

I run MS WindowsNT 4 on a small LAN. All files on are installed on my

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?



Re:Alias as working directory

The working directory must be a directory.  It cannot be an alias or an ODBC
DSN. You can only uses aliases that point to a directory.


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